Funeral Times
Last Updated: 16/06/2024, 9:59 pm

Sunday 16th June 11:00 am
MCK Springvale Cemetery
Compartment 25, Row J, Number 27
Sunday 16th June 11:00 am
MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery
Compartment 01, Row F, Number 62
Sunday 16th June 12:30 pm
MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery
Compartment 01, Row J, Number 11
Sunday 16th June 3:00 pm
MCK Springvale Cemetery
Compartment 22, Row O, Number 41
Monday 17th June 11:00 am
Springvale Botanical Cemetery (Necropolis)
Enter via Police Rd. Sukkat Shalom section.
Monday 17th June 12:30 pm
MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery
Compartment 01, Row O, Number 53
Monday 17th June 2:00 pm
Springvale Botanical Cemetery (Necropolis)
The funeral will be by the corner of 9th Avenue and 5th Road. Please see for a map of the cemetery.

To report a death 24/7 call 9534 0208

If you have tried this number and not spoken to anyone call 0418 319 461 (not Shabbos).


Please take care when visiting the cemetery. Safety is our number one concern. 

Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9.00am to 5.00pm & Friday 9.00am to 2.00pm (closed on public holidays).  

Cemetery Open Times:

Sunday - Friday: 8:00am to 4:45pm. Closed Shabbat and Yom Tov. Open Public Holidays.

Please use the "Book Consecration" button on the Consecration page to request a Consecration booking. 

All Funerals commence in the shtiebel unless otherwise noted

  • Click on the name of the deceased for Minyan details (if available).
  • To view a streaming service, click on the Webview button on the right-hand side of the listing. 
  • The recording can be viewed for 7 days via the "Funeral Listing - past 7 days" link button above. 

Link to Prayers for a Funeral Service

If a minyan (10) of Jewish men are not available, MCK will ensure that there are 10 Jewish men in attendance.


 Shavuot Day 1 Wednesday 12th June 2024

 Shavuot Day 2 Thursday 13th June 2024

 Rosh Hashana Day 1 Thursday 3rd October 2024

 Rosh Hashana Day 2 Friday 4th October 2024

 Yom Kippur Shabbos 12th October 2024

 Succot Day 1 Thursday 17th October 2024

 Succot Day 2 Friday 18th October 2024

 Shemini Atzeret Thursday 24th October 2024

 Simchat Torah Friday 25th October 2024