Funeral Times
Last Updated: 15/08/2022, 2:05 pm

Monday 15th August 11:00 am
Monday 15th August 12:30 pm
MCK Lyndhurst Cemetery
Compartment 01, Row S, Number 67
Tuesday 16th August 10:45 am

To report a death, please call 03 9534 0208 ( 24 / 7 )


Update - 25th March 2022

MCK Office: The MCK office in St Kilda is OPEN.  Sheimos may be brought to the MCK office. 

Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9am to 5pm & Friday 9am to 2pm (closed on public holidays).  


There is no limit on the number of attendees able to attend burials and funeral services. 

It is recommended that Victorians continue to wear a mask outdoors where they cannot physically distance.


Outdoor consecrations may be attended by an unlimited number of people.

It is recommended Victorians continue to wear a mask outdoors where they cannot physically distance.

(Please use the "Book Consecration" button on the Consecration page to request a Consecration booking. All bookings must be confirmed by MCK following your electronic request.)

Visitors to the home:  

There is no limit on the number of people who can visit per day.

Minyan and Shiva Guidelines:  

Please refer to your Rabbi for guidance. Currently, there is no limit on the number of people who can visit per day.

Cemetery Hours:  

Sunday - Friday: 8:00am to 4:45pm. Closed Shabbat and Yom Tov. Open Public Holidays. 

Link to Prayers for a Funeral Service
• If a minyan (10) of Jewish men are not available, MCK will ensure that there are 10 Jewish men in attendance.
• All Shtiebel services will be webstreamed, allowing everyone to participate remotely.
• Hand sanitiser will be available. 
• For advice regarding Minyan and Shiva etiquette, please refer to your Rabbi. 

Please be advised that while assisting families following the passing of a loved one (irrespective of the cause of passing) and bringing that person into our care, our Funeral Attendants may be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as prescribed by The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS ) to protect both families and ourselves during the current period of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) concerns.  

When attending a Funeral please be mindful of all the precautions and guidelines issued by Government and Communal bodies regarding public gatherings and social distancing. Obviously, please refrain from kissing, hugging, and handshaking mourners or other attendees. 

All Funerals commence in the shtiebel unless otherwise noted

  • Click on the name of the deceased for Minyan details (if available).
  • If a webcast of the Funeral Service is available a link button will be activated in the Webcast column.
  • After a webcast funeral service has ended, the recording can be viewed for 7 days via the "Funeral Listing - past 7 days" link button above. 


Rosh Hashana Day 1    Monday 26th September 2022

Rosh Hashana Day 2    Tuesday 27th September 2022

Yom Kippur                    Wednesday 5th October 2022

Succot Day 1                  Monday 10th October 2022

Succot Day 2                  Tuesday 11th October 2022

Shemini Atzeret            Monday 17th October 2022

Simchat Torah               Tuesday 18th October 2022